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Nitrosys Geo

Nitrosys Geo is a low pressure system that is approved to process and spray high pressure polyurethane foam formulations used in geotechnical applications. This turn key system introduces a whole new level of portability and accessibility on job sites.

Portable Low Pressure Concrete Lifting

Utilizing a patented mixing device, Nitrosys Geo auto calibrates A and B materials while pre heating material through the GreenFlare Heated hose and delivered to the Nitrosys Plus gun or Handi Foam II and into injection ports for concrete/slab lifting.High pressure equipment for concrete lifting is usually placed into trucks or trailers which can prove difficult for some users on jobsites. Some job sites may not allow trucks and trailers on the grounds that require a concrete or slab lifting applications, or the size or the location of the site may require a portable system.

Nitrosys Geo provides users with a mobile low pressure solution for their geotechnical applications. The Nitrosys Geo is configured by a portable skid that has cart capabilities and easily fits into a pickup truck or flatbed trailer. Nitrosys Geo includes auto calibration, preheaters and heated hoses, transfer pumps and a Handi Foam II gun or Nitrosys Plus gun. Additional equipment such as generators and compressors can be added to provide the ultimate geotechnical mobile system.

Now that geotechnical applicators have the ease of mobility and a low pressure system , they can:

  • Have easier access and mobility while on the job
  • Simplify equipment maintenance
  • Increase production
  • Increase consistency and yield