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Nitrosys Autoshot

Nitrosys with AutoShot technology brings you a highly advanced plural component system used for processing and delivering consistent, repeatable results in SPF and Pour in Place (PIP) applications.

AutoShot technology consists of a system of components and accessories for the Nitrosys line of equipment, including Nitrosys Refill and Nitrosys Plus. The AutoShot system accessories include the AutoShot Gun, a plural component dispenser that has the ability of impingement mixing, static mixing, and available air nucleation, purge, and solvent options. The gun is automatically controlled by the AutoShot control system, which is activated with an automatic timer for dispensing the materials at a controlled and calculated timed shot. The unit also has the ability to introduce in line flow meters that will allow you to automatically monitor shots based on volume on a PC through a downloadable sheet.

Pour In Place, Spray Foam and OEM Applications

AutoShot can be used with Nitrosys Refill and is designed for use with refillable, pressurized foam systems. These systems are engineered and designed specifically for your application. SFS and our teams can help you design an entire solution of equipment and chemistry based upon the needs of your business and your process. Nitrosys Refill with AutoShot brings a high level of productivity to your operations and allows you to create dependable, repeatable results. AutoShot can be used with Nitrosys Plus and is designed for use with bulk drum or tote systems that are fed to the equipment with transfer pumps. Nitrosys Plus is a unique processing system that allows applicators to process chemistries at low pressure. The Nitrosys Plus with AutoShot technology creates a system that will allow you to process a broad range of chemical technologies for a wide range of applications. SFS and our teams will help to engineer complete equipment and chemistry solutions that will be designed for your processes and applications.

Applications for AutoShot include Pour in Place (PIP) foam, Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), and other OEM or In-Plant applications that require a controlled, accurate dispensing method that is repeatable and consistent. Nitrosys AutoShot has been used in Boat Manufacturing, Cooler Manufacturing, Pontoon Manufacturing, Spa Manufacturing, RV Manufacturing, Trailer Manufacturing, Pallet Manufacturing, and many more in-plant operations. Nitrosys also can be used for applying high performance coatings, such as polyurea, that can be used in similar applications. SFS and our teams can help to define your project and design a system that meets your needs.