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Fireproofing products come in various types of intumescent and cementitious materials and require various types of equipment to spray each. Fireproofing materials can be used as a coating on steelwork and pipes, adhesives or sealers with cementious resistive materials and insulation products to steel or concrete and other substrates. The materials are used to provide fire protection to structural substrates. Cementious fireproofing is a cement-based material also referred to as SFRM – spray-applied fire resitive materials. Cementious fireproofing materials are typically mixed with water that is then spray applied, but not recommend for long terms exposure to weather. However, the material does provide resistance from air erosion and abriasion. Typically the application is done with a sprayer made for cementious materials and done in several layers. Cementious materials in comparison to itumescent coatings, are relatively inexpensive. Cementious materials used for fireproofing are often found in industrial / commercial buildings and can be applied interior and exterior .

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