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The New Nitrosys. Meet Nitrosys Plus, Geo and Refill.

Low Pressure System. High Pressure Foam.

The Nitrosys brand that is known for its auto-calibration and preheaters, has introduced its new Nitrosys Plus, Nitrosys Geo and Nitrosys Refill to their line.

Spray Foam Systems’ latest ground breaking innovation, the patent pending Nitrosys Plus, utilizes a unique system capable of processing traditional
high pressure spray polyurethane foam formulations at low pressures of less than 300 PSI. This exciting new technology has many new advantages that could potentially reshape the way we apply SPF in the future. One of the largest benefits to Nitrosys Plus, is that due to the low-pressure processing, we are able to process though a plastic dispenser, which provides many benefits to the business owner and the production installers. At a price of less than $200, this reusable dispenser provides spray foam business owners with an economical solution for processing SPF chemistry.
Most spray foam contractors would agree that their biggest set backs are finding skilled personnel and setbacks in production. Training for new and current spray foam installers on equipment is a very lengthy and can be difficult process. High pressure machinery requires knowledge of all equipment. The spray gun itself can have as many as 50 parts. When a spray foam gun fails, the skilled installer must be able to determine the case as well as what part failed which can cause delayed times in production, which means a loss in profit for the job. With the Nitrosys Plus, installers will enjoy the ease of use of the gun, including weight, flexibility, and overall performance. Extensive mechanical experience for repairs isn’t required as the gun is considered a wear part and is simply replaced when needed. Downtime is also eliminated as the change out of a new gun is as little as five minutes or less. Nitrosys Plus seems to be an answer that many of us in the insulation business have been waiting for: an economical, easy to use system that allows users to effectively process traditional high pressure SPF formulations.

The Nitrosys Geo takes concrete lifting and geotechnical slab jacking applications to a whole new level of portability with this extremely mobile, simple system. This system uses the same approach as the Nitrosys Plus system in using high pressure foam formulations but with a design built for mobility needed in slab jacking and concrete lifting.
Nitrosys Refill uses the Nitrosys while requiring refillable spray foam tanks. This system utilizes nitrogen tanks to operate and requires no heavy machinery. The low-pressure spray foam in the Nitrosys Refillable Spray Foam System is packaged in pressure vessels that are shipped to the user. Upon completion of the spray foam application, the manufacturer will arrange for the pressure tanks to be shipped back to the facility for refilling. The Nitrosys Low Pressure, Refillable Spray Foam System saves time, lowers material and transportation costs and eliminates drum disposal.

The new Nitrosys line can be purchased as a standalone equipment system, but many other options are available through Spray Foam Systems. The Nitrosys system can be designed in a mobile cart system, a portable skid system, or it can be configured into one of our ProPAK Mobile Spray Rigs, providing a true turn key solution. These innovative systems are all created for specific applications in order to tackle the contractor’s needs.

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