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Nitrosys HVLP

The Nitrosys HVLP system utilizes a Human Machine Interface (HMI), transfer pumps and air supply. This System processes high pressure HVLP spray formulation made by ICP, with material output up to 30 pounds per minute. Utilizing this system with ICP’s Handi Foam HVLP spray foam formulations, will allow for reduced cost in equipment maintenance. THe HVLP system also will reduce material waste, has reduced PPE and re-entry times.

The Nitrosys HVLP system utilizes air pressure under 250 PSI. While spraying Handi Foam HVLP and low pressure spray formulations, it does not require a fresh air system; only a full face respirator. With 10,000 Watts of heating capacity, this system uses 240V of power that can be easily accessed at job sites. The Nitrosys HVLP operates with an HMI powered by PLC. New software technology allows for data logging to get in depth data recording off the HVLP Machine, and allows for future software upgrades. These benefits of the Nitrosys HVLP can simplify spray processes and also help make them safer. The system can be configured as a wall mount, on a portable cart, or in a turnkey mobile spray rig, tailoring to the need of the spray area.

Using Nitrosys HVLP equipment with ICP’s Handi Foam HVLP, reduces the need for a fresh air system to using only a full face respirator. Utilizing Nitrosys HVLP system with Handi Foam HVLP also reduces the re-occupancy time for open cell foam to 2 hours, 4 hours for closed cell foam and 1 hour re-entry for workers

System Components :

  • NITROSYS: Electronically heat and volumetric metering
    with Human Machine Interface powered by PLC and
    software technology allowing for data logging.
  • GreenFlare Heated Hose: Up to 310 feet
    of heated hose.
  • Spray Gun: Handi Gun II (plastic) or N+ (metal)
  • Transfer Pumps: Material and fluid supply.
  • Air Compressor/Generator: Power and air supply.
  • Air Dryer: Removes moisture from compressed air.