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SFS Will Be Presenting at Build Convention 2015

Some of our team have already began their trip from Greensboro, GA to Connecticut. Some of them are driving and some are flying. The rest of our team will be taking off this afternoon, and will be ready for the presentation tomorrow morning.

Our Presentation

Friday, T.J. Peters will be presenting at two different times, 9:45am and 1:15pm about Low Pressure Refillable Spray Foam Systems with a Proportioner, where he will also be launching a new product from Spray Foam Systems. The first of these new products will be offered to Dr. Energy Saver dealers! Our presentation will be located in the Outside Dock – DES Building 4

The SFS team will stick around until Sunday so if you would like to get in touch with one of our team members you will be able to catch them in person until then.

See you there!

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