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NiTROSYS Low Pressure Spray Foam System Article

Spray Foam Systems’ NiTROSYS Refillable, Low Pressure Spray Foam System was featured in the January/February edition of Spray Foam Magazine.

The NiTROSYS is a simple to use spray foam system capable of spraying low pressure froth foam. THE FIRST OF ITS KIND, the NiTROSYS delivers on ratio material without the need of calibration and preheats and maintains material temperatures.

Low pressure spray foam systems offer major benefits over high pressure spray foam in certain circumstances, notably cost-effectiveness for smaller applications. However, one major drawback is the tedious calibration process, which not only negatively impacts time and labor, but also increases material waste.

In recognizing this challenge in the low pressure spray foam market, Spray Foam Systems aimed at providing a solution that would do away with manual calibration entirely, and what they ended up creating was the new NiTROSYS low pressure spray foam system.

“NiTROSYS is designed to work with low pressure, refillable spray foam systems, and it eliminates contractors manually calibrating materials on the job site” – T.J. Peters, General Manager of Spray Foam Systems.

Basically, NiTROSYS is a low pressure proportioner that preheats and automatically calibrates (by volume) the material of refillable, low pressure spray foam systems, and also maintains the material temperature to the spray gun through specialized heated hoses. The system is powered by nitrogen, which is supplied via refillable tanks, and features a stroke counter, which provides for more accurate yield measurements. The NiTROSYS spray foam system is sold by itself, for contractors who already have spray rigs or as a turnkey spray rig package, trailer and all.

One of the early adopters of the NiTROSYS was Dr. Energy Saver, a home energy retrofit contractor network headquartered in Connecticut. Dr. Energy Saver was so impressed with the NiTROSYS’ results during the field testing process that it announced at its annual convention in August that the system would become the company standard for the entire dealer network, with a measured rollout currently ongoing.

“The magic of the NiTROSYS, where it truly adds value for our network, is it’s the first low-pressure system out there to combine the three major components,” said Mike Rubin, Operations Manager at Dr. Energy Saver, referring to the automatic calibrator, the preheaters, and the stroke counter.

NiTROSYS may play a major part in expanding not only the low pressure spray foam market, but the spray foam industry as a whole.

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