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NiTROSYS feedback received in December

We received this bit of feedback from one of the Dr. Energy Saver Dealers that has used the NiTROSYS system for a few months. They had a bit of difficulty when they started using the NiTROSYS unit. Our technicians solved the problem almost immediately they were ready to go and have used it regularly since.

NiTROSYS is THE low pressure solution to saving material and time while increasing yield and profits. If you were going through low pressure guns and tips, read below where this Dr. Energy Saver Dealer has reduced costs even more by cutting down on the amount of spray guns they have going through since they started using it. With the refillable tanks this dealer is not having to dispose of used drums of material, he just sends the used tanks back to be refilled and purchases new tanks as needed.

“We have put about 50,000 board feet through the system in differing weather conditions and other than we got some air in the B line we are trouble free. Yielding close to 7000 board ft per 60 gallon set.

Quality of foam is very good, we have only used 2 guns so far, and that is a major improvement over what we were using before.

We are very pleased with the system. It was literally plug and play and we are making money from day one with the system. We don’t get as much production because of the flow rate as we did with the other system, but we are not wasting time calibrating and sending back half full tanks more than pays for the difference.

We believe this is a great addition to our company and anticipate buying another system and mounting it in a box truck so we can take advantage of the 120 gallon tanks and even lower foam costs.

We hope the system pays us back with durability as well, and if it proves to be durable over time you have a huge fan here with a Dr. Energy Saver Dealer.”

Are you already spraying refillable low pressure foam? Are you ready to increase you yields, profits, and save time? Contact the SFS team today for pricing on a NiTROSYS unit of your own! 1-877-737-4362

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